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HuHu is your wallet, your assistant and your digital companion!


Why HuHu?

You'll love HuHu because

HuHu is not just an app

It is your wallet, your assistant and your digital companion!

It's easy to multitask with HuHu

Take the NextBike ride, top up your phone, buy OLX credit or pay your parking ticket. It's easy.

HuHu appreciates your presence

HuHu App knows your needs and will award you with the ones you treasure the most. Check out our HuHu loyalty program and be the first to discover the value of HuHu coin

Forgot your wallet? Worry not!

Your HuHu digital companion allows you to save your bank cards and have access to your transaction history

There is no need for you to worry about your loyalty cards either. Save them in your phone and use them anytime, anywhere


HuHu will make your payments matter!

  • Bank Cards

    Save your Mastercard® card by using credentials-on-file payment mechanism.

  • Transaction History

    Gain insight into your transactions and break away from bad spending habits.

  • Loyalty Cards

    Always have your loyalty cards on hand. Collect points and get coupons. Stay loyal to your favorite brands and we'll know how to award it.

Third party integration

We have integrated most commonly used services.

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A single integrated app

HuHu App is designed to make your life easier. Download one app only and have your daily activities integrated from a single place

Save your time!

Online communication and payment will save your time. Enjoy your digital life with us and spare more of it with your beloved ones.

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers.

HuHu is multimerchant application which provides new experience of purchase and use of services with the innovative integration of digital devices and mobile purchase solutions in such a way that the integrated services are ensured for the User in an integrated application. It is a multi-merchant application, integrating Top-Up, Parkmatix, Nexbike and OLX services.
Simply download the app from the AppStore or Google Play and you are ready to go in less than a minute.
There are three ways to register: enter your email address and password, or your Facebook or Google+ profile. In the latter two cases, be sure to set a separate password after registration, because you might need it later when you use the application.
  1. Top - Up: Top up your phone in a few quick steps. All mobile operators are supported: (BH Telecom, HT Eronet, Mtel, Halo, Happy, Go Free)
  2. Parkmatix: Use our one-tap payment solution and pay your public parking ticket in Sarajevo - KJKP Rad.
  3. OLX: Buy OLX vouchers via HuHu app and make sure your ads are seen at
  4. Nextbike: Buy a Nextbike voucher anytime, anywhere and enjoy your bike city rides.