Terms and conditions



on the use of the HuHu® Mobile Application

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  1. HuHu® mobile application provides new experience of purchase and use of services with the innovative integration of digital devices and mobile purchase solutions in such a way that the integrated services are ensured for the User in an integrated application. It is a multi-merchant application, integrating a Top-Up, OLX, Nextbike and Parkmatix services.
  2. The present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall determine the conditions of the use of HuHu® and the rights and obligations of the Service Provider and the User.




HuHu®: Information technology system (IT system) developed for mobile devices, operating through mobile applications on mobile devices, enabling mobile purchase which provides new experience of purchase and use of services with the innovative integration of digital devices and mobile payment solutions, in such a way that the integrated services are ensured for the User in an integrated system. Included herein are the services and systems available through the system website (www.huhu.ba), and the comfort functions and services related thereto.


User: Private person who registered to HuHu® and has agreed to be bound by the present GTC.


Service Provider: Lupon Ventures Limited Liability Company, Owner and Operator of the HuHu®.


Business partner: The private person, legal entity or organization without legal entity which entered into a contract with the Service Provider and whose product or service is available, purchasable, consumable or can be used by the User in the HuHu® and/or which accepts the identifiers ensured to the Users by HuHu®, ensures the benefits and for the User, and/or whose content is displayed by the Service Provider but it shall not be considered as Retailer of the Service Provider.


Mobile payment: All methods of payment supplied by the Service Provider in order to the User will be able to pay the fee of the selected service.


Service: Product and service provided by the Counterparty which is available in the HuHu® for the Users.


Mobile device: Mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, phablet and other technical devices which are capable of mobile communication and traffic od cellular data.


Website: Content available at (URL) www.huhu.ba


Wallet: the electronic wallet service provided by the Service Provider within the HuHu®.


Scope of services available in the HuHu®


The Service Provider is entitled in his discretion, unilaterally, to modify, to extend, to detract the Services, contents and functions available in the HuHu®, and also to introduce new Services, contents and functions. The Service Provider informs the Users about the availability of new Services, contents and functions in the HuHu® among others on his Website.


The Business partners provide their Services in accordance with the conditions and business policy requirements of their own general terms and conditions and with the conditions and rules developed by them. By the acceptance of the present GTC the User agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Business partners relating to the supply of the services.


The following services are available in the HuHu® at the present time:


  1. Top - Up: Top up your phone in a few quick steps. All mobile operators are supported.
  2. Parkmatix: Use our one-tap payment solution and pay your public parking ticket in Sarajevo - KJKP Rad.
  3. OLX: Buy OLX vouchers via HuHu app and make sure your ads are seen at www.olx.ba
  4. Nextbike: Buy a Nextbike voucher anytime, anywhere and enjoy your bike city rides.


User Registration


Users may register to the HuHu® in several ways:


  1. With the Users’ Facebook account (name and e-mail address registered in www.facebook.com)
  2. With the Users’ Google + account (e-mail address and name)
  3. When registering, users may optionally also provide their data as per the following:
      1. Telephone number
      2. Name
      3. Birthplace
      4. Billing information: billing name, billing address, VAT no. (in cases of legal entities).


In the registration process the Users are bound to provide real data in accordance with their valid identity card and address card and they shall notify the Service Provider of any changes in these data without delay, but no later than within 15 days.

The Service Provider hereby excludes his liability for the damages arisen from providing misleading, wrong or false data or e-mail address during the registration, at the same time the Service Provider is entitled to claim the compensation of any damages arising from such activity of the User. Users are entitled at any time to verify or modify their data. The Service Provider is entitled to cancel the data obviously wrong or false, in case of doubt the Service Provider is entitled to control the reality of data.


The Service Provider withholds the right to decline HuHu® registration of the User in particular in case of providing unreal or false data or in case of suspicion of any abuse with the data provided during the registration.


In the event that the Service Provider becomes aware of that the User provides data of other or non-existing person or unreal or false data during the registration and/or the use of the HuHu® which infringes the present GTC, third persons’ rights or the law, the Service Provider is entitled to terminate the agreement concluded with the User with immediate effect.


The personal data given during the registration are not public and are not available for third persons. In case of lost or forgotten password the Service Provider shall reproduce or modify it at the User’s request.


The User acknowledges that persons under 16 years of age shall not register to the HuHu® and shall not enter into a contract according to the present GTC. The User is obliged to give the true and factual answer of the age validating question during the registration. The Service Provider is entitled to delete the User’s HuHu® account and registration if the User provides any false data of age.


The User is fully responsible in connection with the username and password belonging to his/her HuHu® registration and with all and any activity by them. The User undertakes to immediately inform the customer service of the Service Provider in case of the unlawful use of his data or in case of the contravention of the safety in any way. The Service Provider is not liable for the damages arisen from the storage of the password or from handing over the user name and the password to third person.


Users may register after the download and install of the HuHu® application to their Mobile Device. Users attend to download and install other applications or programmes in case these are necessary for the functioning of the HuHu® application on the Mobile device.


The User is not entitled to cancel his registration (profile) himself from the HuHu®. In the event of such intention the User shall notify the Service Provider from his claim of cancellation on support@huhu.ba e-mail address and the Service Provider will ensure to cancel the User’s registration (profile). Before the effective cancellation of the User’s registration (profile), the Service Provider sends a confirmation e-mail to the User, and he will execute the cancellation only if the User gives a positive answer. The User acknowledges that in case of cancellation of his/her HuHu® registration or profile, all data, order stored in the HuHu® will be definitively and irrevocably cancelled.


Acceptance of the GTC


During the HuHu® Registration herein, at the end of the HuHu® registration with a final “click” the Users agree to be bound by the present GTC which includes the privacy policy.


 The Users expressly grant consent by the acceptance of this GTC to The Service Provider to manage their personal data given during the HuHu® Registration and the data given and managed in the HuHu® for the purpose, to the extent, in the manner as stipulated in the present GTC.


 The User acknowledges that it is only entitled to use the HuHu® if it agreed to abide by the present GTC.


Description of the Services and processes available in the HuHu App


The User acknowledges that the scope of the services and processes available and functioning in the HuHu® as well as that which of these Services and processes are available via the www.huhu.ba website is subject to the discretion and unilateral decision of the Service Provider.


 The HuHu® is susceptible to provide the following services and to control the following processes:


General process of purchase


Only Users registered in the HuHu® are entitled to purchase through the HuHu® App. In course of purchasing first the User learns the characteristic of the purchased Service, selects the concrete Service, puts it to basket and initiates the payment process.




The HuHu® Wallet service (hereafter referred to as Wallet) is an electronic wallet service available through the HuHu®, which aims to provide User with a classic “leather wallet” feel through their mobile device. The Wallet service includes the debit card registration within the HuHu®, including the storage thereof.


Card Registration

User is to register their debit cards within the HuHu® App, with which they may pay for purchases made in the HuHu® and the Application after registration.


User provides their following data during card registration:

  1. Debit card number
  2. Expiration date (month/year)
  3. Name on card
  4. CVC (in case of Visa cards) or CVV (in case of Mastercard cards) security code, which is found on the back of the debit card
  5. Debit card name within the HuHu® – if the User does not elect to name their card, the HuHu® automatically names them based on their type and the last 4 digits of the relevant card number.

User may register more than one cards in the HuHu®, and may select one of these upon payment, or may elect to provide new card data upon their preference.




HuHu® allows an App User to top up their mobile phones by completing a few steps. The app requires a User to:


  1. Choose a mobile operator
  2. Enter the amount of top-up he/she wishes to buy
  3. Enter the debit card number
  4. Enter the CVC/CVV security code


Users of top-up services get notified via e-mail regarding their transaction status.


OLX services


OLX allows HuHu® App users to purchase OLX vouchers for advertising purposes.




HuHu® App enables users to buy vouchers and take the Nextbike city rides whenever they want to.




HuHu® App users are enabled to pay their public parking usage for all designated city zones. Individual users may register more than one vehicle and pay parking for any of them.


Warranty of Title


The Service Provider hereby represents and warrants against the User that he obtained exclusive ownership and rights on the HuHu® made available to the User, that the HuHu® is considered as an individual and original creation and that third persons or organizations do not have any copyrights or any other claims related to the HuHu® which shall restrict, prevent or exclude the exercise of the acquired rights of the User based on the present GTC.


Expiration and termination of the agreement


 The Service Provider is entitled to terminate his agreement concluded with the User under the present GTC in writing without any justification within 15 days by sending termination notice.

The User is entitled to terminate his agreement concluded with the Service Provider under the present GTC in writing without any justification within 15 days by sending termination notice.


The Service Provider is entitled to terminate his agreement concluded with the User in writing with immediate effect if the User seriously breaches the provisions of the present GTC.


The Parties are entitled to terminate the agreement under the present GTC by mutual consent in writing at any time.


The Parties concluded the agreement under the present GTC for an indefinite period.


The User shall compensate the damages the Service Provider suffers because of the User’s breach of the agreement under the present GTC. The obligation for damage compensation covers the direct, indirect, consequential, responsibility damages caused to the Service Provider as a consequence of the User’s breach of contract, the loss of profits of the Service Provider and the costs necessary for the elimination of the damages on the side of the Service Provider.